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When you donate to New Hope Animal Outreach you can rest assured that your dollars will go to help animals in need. We are here to help the most vunerable animals in our community.  

Our programs are expensive. Pet food is expensive, surgeries are costly, shots aren't cheap, xrays and lab panels cost a bunch. We all know how much it costs.


We can't do what we do without YOU. That's the simple truth. Our Pet Food Bank, our two Spay/Neuter Programs, and the Emergency Medical Care Program are impossible without funding. Without these programs, low-income families run the risk of being unable to afford the care their animals need. The pets will either suffer or end up being relinquished to a shelter where they may, or may not, be adopted. In the meantime, they are in a cage away from the family they love and where they were loved. No one wants that. (To find out how to Donate Food or Supplies to the Pet Food Bank, please see below)

Our donors are highly valued, highly respected, and are an essential part of the team. Any information supplied to NHAO by donors will be used solely to fulfill their donation and shall not be shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the donor to share such information.

All requests to remain anonymous will be honored. NHAO does not sell or share donor lists.

Donors who supply NHAO with their postal address or email address may be contacted periodically for solicitation purposes and/or with information regarding upcoming events. Donors may request to be permanently removed from the mailing list by contacting us via email, phone or postal mail. All requests to be removed from NHAO’s mailing list shall be honored.

Donors who supply NHAO with their telephone number may request that they not be contacted for telephone fundraising purposes.

Please help us and area animals by considering a donation to support our programs. If you have a special interest in a particular program and want to support it, just let us know. 


If a monthly donation is possible, you can make the donation yourself each month, or if you'd like us to automatically process your donation, we can arrange that too. We can make $10 or $15 or $20 a month go pretty far! 

Thank you for your consideration!

To Donate Food, Litter or Pet Supplies:
please check the PFB Inventory list posted on the
Pet Food Bank page (Outreach) and then take the
food or litter to one of these Decatur IL
drop off sites:

Spa's for Paws 3668 E William Street
The Fullers 1429 W. Riverview, Decatur
(place items on back deck near house)

The Morrows 2026 Dagmar PL
(drive to end of Dagmar, Turn left onto Euel, Turn left into First Driveway)

Thank you very much!
We Appreciate your Donation! 

We also accept OPEN FOOD BAGS and used pet items. Please secure the open food bags and then they can be taken to any of the above locations.
Thank You!!

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